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Lube Review 💦

I was given this sample of überlube from my doctor and I can't recommend it enough. I used it on my fingers to pleasure myself as soon as I got home from the appointment ! I get very wet when I'm horny, adding just one drop of this stuff directly on my clit sent me over the edge so fast! It glided extra smooth over my delicate skin, very natural feeling.

Some silicone lubes leave my clit area feeling irritated after. With üburlube I felt none of that, it blended natural with my body. Thankfully, it is also latex and silicone toy safe. This is a new personal favorite!

I always held back from buying it when saw it in the store because the higher end price for a small bottle, but now I see it's worth it! If you are looking for gift ideas to bring me - this is one!


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