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Chicago 1/19-1/23 double domme sessions available with Domina Petra

POV : You are completely naked and immobilized. Every one of your limbs are bound tightly together with ropes. Your mouth is gagged with duct tape- no speaking allowed.

Now you have no choice but to listen to @DominaPetra and I degrade and humiliate you relentlessly for hours..

We soon notice you getting hard. Your pathetic tiny little penis disgusts us and we are sick of looking at your needy face.

Domina Petra stands over you, then slowly squats down her perfect tattood ass on your face. No air to breathe. You can't see anything, you squirm, but can't get away. You feel a soft foot caressing your throbbing penis. The caressing turns into stomping and kicking! It's painful but you find the strength to take it . Only because you are under our control...

Domina Petra and I will be taking in-calls in Chicago 1/19-1/23 text Me with interests, availability, and deposit ready !

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