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MY subs vs random community sub- know the difference …

Are you a sub truly trying to impress Me? Do you desperately want Me to remember you? Do you wish for an opportunity to possibly build a strong lasting connection with Me?

Then understand this : It’s expensive to see a Dominatrix, because it’s expensive to BE a Dominatrix.

The more you take care of Mommy, the more Mommy can take care of you. My selfcare is truly your selfcare. Only by setting one, two, or all of My monthly bills on Auto Pay will I ever really take you seriously enough to call you MY sub. To be MY sub is an honor that is earned.

Gym- $270

Skin care-$500





Teeth cleaning-$150


Text Me for instructions on how to get started or remain just another random community sub to Me. It’s your choice.

I still enjoy Dominating community subs! It’s a good time! But if you aren’t on My AutoPay list don’t be surprised if I totally forget about you / what you are into / what we did … a few weeks (maybe hours) later lol

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